How to consistently attract highly qualified customers and clients eager to purchase your products and services even if no one has heard of you. 

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“ The blog you created for my business and the press releases you submitted for each race yielded an interview with the Lead Editor of Oxford Leader... Since the article was published we have received a 60% increase in inquires ...”

Dom Lester

L & L Racing Engines

“ I’m writing this letter to express my excitement and gratitude. I received my first customer from online. Once again thank you for listing my business on Google Places, Yahoo! Local and Bing along with the custom graphic logo. ”

Al Marshal


How To Get Highly Qualified Leads Willing To Pay Your Price

Without You Personally Talking To Anyone On The Phone... Ever!

Are  you wasting valuable time with leads that can not afford your product or service?

We feel your pain, frustration, emotional and financial stress better than you know... 


Just a few years ago our founder, Claude Bailey, struggled with getting enough high quality leads too.

  • Making  you frustrated, unhappy, emotinally stressed and putting tension in your business and personal life. All because the majority of your time is spent on "tire-kickers", people that are not ready to buy today or just don't know what they want.

  • Keeping you from reaching your monthly and annual revenue goal, because you feel pressured into getting a sale even if it is a price below what you need to obtain high profit margins. 

  • Leaving you with uncertainty. You are trying everything and it is not working. Giving you thoughts of throwing in the towel and just living with the fact you have reached your maximum growth. 

24/7 Online Marketing was established in October of 2009 to help entrepreneurs market their business online.

By the time Claude finished planning his firt marketing campaign using search engine optimization (SEO), the Google "Slap" occured in 2010. Adwords cost increased significantly, the rules changed and now his plan became obsolete. He now needed more cash to get it to work. Which he did not have.

Then he remembered a common message from mentors and training he attended from Mike Koenigs and Ed Rush about positioning. It's about how to position yourself as an authority, so you can attract highly qualified buyers. 


People are attracted to gurus and celebrities.

The fact of the matter is Claude ignored this message becaue he was scared to do it. He didn't believe he was an expert or an authority. Even though he knew more about digital marketing than most business owners. And has the proof to show it, but because he was a newbie to the marketing space he didn't have the confidence to do it. 

Until he rememberd how he got his first client, featured in a local newspaper, which jumped started their growth, because they were percieved as experts in their industry, even though they just opened their business in the same year.  


So Claude reads this inspirational quote daily...

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King.

Good News... You’re Not Alone.

24/7 Online Marketing has developed a marketing strategy which will  positon you as an authority in your industry, so you can get highly qualified customers or clients eager to purchase your products and services.

  • 59% of businesses say generating traffic and high quality leads is their top challenge.

  • 42% of businesses say converting leads into customers is their biggest challenge.

  • 37% of businesses struggle with delivering effective lead offers.

  • 80% of businesses say their lead generation efforts are only slightly or somewhat effective.

It doesn't require cash from investors to get started. 

Your going to be able to boot strap your own business, so you can achieve your ultimate revenue goal, with out the fear of loosing a dime you invest. And the fear of investors pushing you to make decisions against your morals or the vision you have for your business. 

Our biggest competition has unlimited budgets, so we have to do things differently. We have to do things  more efficient,  because we have no financial safety nets. So we have to be profitable from day one. 

 So how do we do the impossible?

Business schools say it can't be done. But it's happening today. It's happening through the  strategic and tactical marketing strategies we call Oracle Positioning. 

The plan starts with understanding what it is working extremelly well for you now. 

Second, we duplicate or tweak your messages for different media, so we can position your message everywhere online your ideal customer is looking for a business like yours.

Third, if needed we'll help you create a sales funnel to convert leads into loyal customers.

Fourth, position your messages and offers everywhere online, to attract leads to your sales funnel. 


Fifth, accelerate the sales funnel with paid advertising. 


We know this plan will work, which is why we are inviting you to join 24/7 Online Marketing on your journey to witness if for yourself. 

An Oracle is a person regarded as an infallible authority or guide on something.


Struggle With Getting Leads


Challenge Is Converting Leads


Struggle With Lead Offers


Desire Better Lead Effort

Imagine What Life Would Be Like When You Become Known As The Expert In Your Industry!


Can you see yourself...

  • Booked

    Schedule with your ideal customers. 

  • Free

    From business and personal debt. Free to travel and relax on long vacations.

  • Featured

    In the main and popular news papers. 

  • Happy

    Enjoying life with family, friends, employees and your customers.

  • Focused

    On what you do best in your business.

  • Fulfillment

    You get when you see your customers lives change for the better. 


Oracle Positioning


The Marketing Strategy To Position You As An Authority So You Can Attract Highly QualifIed Buyers Willing To Purchase Your Products And Services, Without You Discounting Your Price... Ever!


the profitable Marketing Strategy 


Going to show you EXACTLY how to... 

  • Capture, the attention of your ideal customer

  • Increase your Webpresence

  • Leverage, the Internet so you can get in front of your ideal customer

  • Use live video to Connect with your ideal customer

  • Become a Leading Authority in your industry

  • Monetize your audience while growing your brand, prospect list and customer base

  • Convert, highly qualified leads into loyal customers

  • Quickly produce fun empowering content to share


This masterclass is for YOU if you are an entrepreneur, seeking a clear proven marketing strategy.


Where you no longer have to lower your price or have a discounted sale event to get customers.


Youll actually be able to increase your price, so you can ultimately HAVE FUN in and outside of your business.   


I’ve gone from sitting, waiting and hoping for customers to come through the shop... to having to turn customers away... working 12 hour days non-stop...  


Scott Chandler



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Discover the strategies which will position you as an authority so you can get highly qualified leads eager to purchase your product or services. 


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