Marketing Funnel Survival Guide...

So you can get more of your ideal leads and convert them into sales predictably, consistently and profitably. 

Marketing Funnel Success Decoded For Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

  • Are you getting enough traffic?

    Need at least 30 visitors a day to a website to determine how well your marketing funnel is working. 

  • Is the problem your webpage?

    Try this simple test... update your webpage content to only focus on one decision for your visitor to make. 

  • Are you following up enough with your leads?

    Statistics show, 80% of all sales occur between the fifth and twelfth follow-up. How many times are you following up with leads?

  • Are you attracting qualified leads?

    If you are only fishing for bass, then use bait for a bass, because if you cast a wide net into the water, you are likely to get a school of unwanted fish. Try prequalifing leads early in the funnel before you invest your personal time with them. 

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Here is a free marketing troubleshooting guide for you called "Marketing Funnel Survival Guide." 

It's going to help you specifically with making your current marketing funnel even better, so you can get more leads and convert them into sales predictably, consistently and profitably.

Why try it?

If you've been losing money on your ad campaigns, then you will want to try the interactive marketing funnel survival guide because it reveals the four areas of deficiencies in a funnel. 


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