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26 January 2020

In this video you'll discover when, how often and what you should post on twitter to attract highly qualified leads to your products or services. 

Best Time To Post On Twitter

When should you post on twitter?  It depends on when your follower are active on twitter. You want to post when they are active. To find out when when your followers are active on twitter, use an analytical tool called followerwonk. 

When in doubt, tweet at least 15 times a day encouraging, inspiring and helpful tips, which will help your potential customer overcome a challenge your product or service solves. 

Once you register for the free account, you will be able to have followerwonk analyze your twitter followers and see when your follower are active displayed in a bar chart over a 24 hour period. 

  • Select the hours that are greater or equal to 5%. 
  • Post at least five to six times during those hours.
  • General recommendation is posting three to thirty times a day is a good.

Now when it comes to what to post, we recommend using BuzzSumo. It will help you discover the type of content people like to read in your industry. 


You should also use Twitter Analytics to see which one of your tweets have a high engagement rate along with high url clicks, so you an create similiar tweets. 


If you have any questions please use the comment box below. 

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